Upgrade A Well R7 Airsoft Rifle

Upgrade a Well R7 Airsoft Rifle

The Well R7 is a full stock Airsoft replica of the M4 assault rifle. While the gun comes with a number of add-ons and accessories, you may want to further customize or upgrade your gun. This is fairly easy to do since the gun comes with a number of accessory rails mounted and allows easy access to the internals.


1. Open the gearbox using the screwdriver and replace the plastic gears and bushings with the new steel components. Be careful to align the gears in the exact position as the original plastic parts. Otherwise they will jam when the motor tries to turn, and the gun won’t shoot correctly, if at all. Then rescrew the cover back onto the gearbox.

2. Open up the spring and piston housing, and remove the old low tension spring. Replace it with the M120 and then close the housing back up.

3. Open up the battery compartment and remove the stock 8.4v battery. Plug in the 9.6v and replace the compartment cover.

4. Pull the breakdown lever and push forward to expose the inner barrel. Gently twist it to the left and pull, removing the inner barrel from the outer. Slide the new barrel inside the outer barrel and then twist to the right, locking it in place. Then, close the gun and lock the breakdown lever back into place.

5. Disconnect the old scope and laser from their RIS rails and mount the new ones using the thumb screws included on the base of the mount to lock them into place. Dial them in once in the field, or the trajectories of the gun and scopes won’t match.

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