Upgrade An Airsoft Gun

Upgrade an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are used for backyard target shooting as well as scenario games and reenactments. As the popularity of air guns increases, many enthusiasts seek ways to make their guns shoot farther and faster. An increase in velocity (feet per second or FPS) and rate of fire can provide a competitive advantage.


1. Consider changing and upgrading the battery used to recharge your Airsoft electric gun. A quality battery charger with automatic shutoff and other advanced features may provide a more consistent and complete charge than a standard charger.

2. Add a scope, laser or red dot point sight to the Airsoft gun. These may improve aiming and accuracy. There are many different scopes, lasers and point sights available from different manufacturers. Visit the Web sites of various suppliers and manufacturers as well as Airsoft supply stores to help determine which optical device is right for you.

3. Switch from green gas to red gas. Green gas is a more common gas that is used as a propellant in many Airsoft guns. However, red gas, often more difficult to find, can increase firing velocity.

4. Switch your ammunition. Airsoft ammunition should be smooth, consistently round and have no seams or manufacturing marks. However, there are several types of airsoft BBs available at different price points. Buy the best you can, especially when competing.

5. Lubricate and adjust the spring in Airsoft guns, which rely on spring power for propulsion. Locate the retaining screws that hold the two halves of the Airsoft gun together. Carefully open the gun, making sure that no parts fly free. Remove the spring and spring seat and gently pull on both ends of the spring to provide more distance in the coils of the spring. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the spring and seat and reassemble.

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