Upgrade Invert Mini Boards

Invert Mini paintball markers are contolled by a computerized circuit board.

The Invert Mini is an electro-pneumatic paintball marker for the advanced and professional paintball player. The marker is powered with an electronic circuit board, which controls all the aspects of the marker’s firing cycle. For the paintball enthusiast, upgradable boards are available which improve the marker’s performance.


1. Remove the 1/16-inch hex head Allen screw from the marker’s fore grip, which is located in the trigger guard area. The screw connects the fore grip to the marker body.

2. Slide the marker’s fore grip gently downward, and remove the fore grip from the marker.

3. Remove the side panel from the fore grip, exposing the battery and lower board which is inside the fore grip. Disconnect the battery and remove it from the compartment.

4. Remove the flat head Phillips screw from the back of the fore grip which holds the board in place, and then slide the board upward, toward the top of the fore grip. The board rests in a couple small grooves so that it doesn’t move around when installed in the marker. Slide the board completely out of the fore grip.

5. Once the board is free from the marker, install the new, upgraded board by repeating the steps in reverse order. The new board slides easily into the fore grip, and the parts re-assemble smoothly.

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