Upgrade Spyder Mr1

The Spyder MR1 is a tactical paintball gun.

The Spyder MR1 is a semiautomatic paintball gun. The gun is fashioned as a military-style weapon for tactical use in competitive paintball tournaments. There are numerous upgrades that you can add to make it a more effective weapon. The gun comes with a removable stock, and it operates on CO2 cartridges. It has an aluminum body and rubber grips. Spyder makes many MR1 upgrades, but custom options are available from a number of companies.


1. Add a wraparound grip for increased stability when holding the gun. The grip will reduce the chance of slipping in wet conditions.

2. Add a tactical scope to increase accuracy and help pinpoint targets in the field. You can use the tactical scope for short- and long-range shots.

3. Add an adjustable shoulder stock to diversify your shooting options. Use the stock for sniper-style shooting, and retract the stock for close-quarters shooting.

4. Add a red dot laser sight for increased accuracy. Laser sights are not allowed in some competitions, but they will increase accuracy during practice.

5. Add a barrel extension for long-range shooting. This works well if you are a sniper on a competitive paintball team.

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