Use A Bolt On An Odessy Paintball Gun

Maintaining a clean paintball marker is essential to enjoy the sport.

The bolt on an Odyssey paintball gun is an integral part of the gun’s operation. The bolt oscillates during the firing cycle. It travels forward to initiate the paintball’s travel down the barrel and focuses the burst of air that propels the paintball toward its target. Since the bolt is an automatic part of the firing process, a person cannot use it in the manner he would use a magazine or paintball gun cleaner. Using the bolt could be more accurately described as keeping the bolt clean and lubricated.


1. Pull the T-shaped pin located at the back end of the marker upward, and slide the bolt out the rear of the paintball marker.

2. Inspect the bolt. Odyssey paintball markers have been built with two types of bolts. One bolt type is constructed of Delrin, a lightweight composite. Clean the bolt with a light spray of general purpose cleaning spray and a paper towel or cloth. The bolt will be lightly scratched as a result of normal use. If the bolt surface shows significant, deep scratches or gouges, the bolt should be replaced.

3. Press the aluminum pin at the rear of the Odyssey O3 Signature series paintball marker. This marker features a newly designed ‘quick link’ bolt. This aluminum bolt is removed by pressing a small pin, which allows the bolt to slide out the rear of the marker. This bolt should be similarly examined for excessive use and cleaned periodically.

4. Clear the bowl firing chamber of any paintball debris. This debris should be removed with a general purpose spray cleaner. Dispose of any paintballs that have debris or wet paint on their outer shell. Such paintballs will jam the marker during the firing cycle.

5. Reinsert the Odyssey paintball marker bolt into the rear of the marker. Ensure the bolt pin locks in place, connecting with the marker hammer, which activates the firing cycle. The quick lock bolt will snap loudly when the connection has been made with the hammer.