Use A Mud Mask On Your Legs

Soak in the tub before the mud mask.

Made from clay, a good mud mask purifies and moisturizes your skin. The mud cleans the dirt and grime out of your pores and increases circulation to make aching legs feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Whether you make your own mask or use a store-bought one, the procedure can be done simply and the results will be the same. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Wash your legs in either a bath or shower. Soaking in a bath tub would be better to open your pores. Shave your legs, if needed.

2. Slather the mud mask on your legs, covering all the skin. The mask need only be thick enough to cover the skin.

3. Place a sheet or towel down on your bed and put a pillow at the foot of the bed. Cover the pillow with another sheet or towel.

4. Lay down on the bed, placing your feet on the pillow. Stay there for about 20 to 30 minutes while the mud dries.

5. Wash the mud off in the shower. Rinse with water, using a washcloth to remove any mud that does not easily wash off.