Use A Paint Grenade

Lob a paint grenade into an area your paintball opponents occupy. It won’t be a pretty sight.


1. Familiarize yourself with the way your paint grenade works. Most paint grenades are made from a piece of surgical tubing that is filled with paint, folded in half and clipped at the end. When the ends become unclipped, the tubing bounces around and shoots paint out in both directions, creating a splattering mess.

2. Get within throwing distance of your opponent. Multiple opponents inside a structure is the perfect scenario for a paint grenade.

3. Pull the pin on the paint grenade without letting go of it.

4. Toss the paint grenade so that it lands as close as possible to your opponents.

5. Keep your paintball gun ready in case your opponents try to bolt away from the grenade. This is a good opportunity to tag them with a quick shot (if they’re not already tagged).

6. Call for a referee paint-check if your opponents do not call themselves out and you think the grenade was successful. Often players do not realize they were painted because they’re used to feeling the impact of the ball.

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