Use A Psp3

PlayStation 3 (PS3) can be an entertaining video game experience for any age. The unit comes with a controller and sometimes even comes with a game. Using the provided components and the thorough instruction manual, you can easily be on your way to fun.


1. Plug the AC power cord into the AC IN connector on the back of the connected unit. Plug the end into the electrical outlet.

2. Turn on your television and turn on the main power using the switch on the back of the PS3 unit.

3. Press the power button on the front of the unit. A green light should appear on the front of the unit, and a PS3 picture should appear on your television screen.

4. Use the provided USB cable to connect the wireless controller to the PS3 unit. This will allow you to use the controller for setup and play and to charge the controller for wireless use.

5. Locate the PS button in the middle of the controller. Press the button.

6. Follow the directions that appear on your television screen for initial setup.

7. Select the game you want to play. Insert the game into the disc slot on the front of the unit and press the X button on the controller.

8. Directions for your game disc will appear on the screen. Follow the directions to begin game play.

9. Press the PS button on your controller to quit a game. Options will appear on the screen. Select “Quit Game.”

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