Use A Red Dot Gun Scope

Purchasing a red dot scope can be the perfect remedy for a hunter who has trouble using his rifle’s standard iron sights. A red dot site is used by aligning a small red dot, located inside the scope, over the desired target. Before your red dot can be used effectively, you must first zero it. This will ensure that, in the field, you can use your red dot gun scope to take down your target and take home your meat.


1. Adjust the rheostat knob–the large knob on the top of the scope–to adjust the brightness of the red dot to a setting you are most comfortable with. The higher the number selected, the brighter the dot.

2. Remove the caps which cover the windage and elevation screws on your scope. These are the screws which, when turned, alter the left-right, or up-down alignment of your scope.

3. Rest the gun on a steady object for support when firing. The more consistent you can make the firing process, the more accurately you can calibrate your scope.

4. Select a target 50 to 100 yards away, in a location that is safe to fire your gun.

5. Look down the sight with your eye at least three inches away from the scope. This distance is required to accurately use your scope to hit your mark.

6. Fire three shots at your target.

7. Adjust the windage and elevation screws so that the red dot is now over the center point of the three shots.

8. Continue firing three shots and adjusting until your shots are consistently hitting your red dotted target.

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9. Replace the caps on your windage and elevation screws.

10. Aim down your scope in the wild, being sure to maintain the required three inches of space between your eye and the scope.