Use A Speed Gun

A Speed Gun

Measuring the speed of an object isn’t easy. Accurate determination of the motion of an object requires instruments that can instantly perform the calculation of SPEED = DISTANCE X TIME and display it in a recognizable format. The most common instrument for speed measurement world wide is the Falcon Kustom speed gun which employs the Doppler principle. Most law enforcement agencies and baseball clubs use this device, or a variant, for speed detection. This article is designed specifically at coaches measuring the speed of a baseball pitch.


1. Plug the instrument into the power source and turn on.

2. Point the gun in the general area from where the baseball will be thrown and depress the trigger. In a sweeping motion determine that there are no objects capable of returning a signal other than the baseball.

3. Have a friend stand approximately twenty feet away with a baseball.

4. Point the speed gun towards the friend and press the trigger.

5. Have the friend throw the baseball to a position beside you.

6. The baseball if detected by the speed gun, will emit a tone and numerals will be shown on the rear of the speed gun. Release the trigger to lock in the speed of the baseball.

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