Use A Spyder E99

The Spyder E99 is a popular paintball gun.

Paintball is an exhilarating sport that can teach you combat tactics, including utilize cover and concealment. Spyder has been manufacturing paintball guns for many years and offers a variety of models. Although no longer manufactured, the Spyder E99 was a popular paintball gun designed to be used by all players of appropriate age. In order to use the Spyder E99 effectively, you must familiarize yourself with the weapon’s operation.


1. Remove the left grip cover. Connect the battery by lining up the battery with the positive and negative terminals as printed inside the grip. Plug the E99 in and allow the battery to charge for an hour and a half.

2. Fit the CO2 cartridge into the nozzle hose. Twist on the cartridge until its secure.

3. Place the E99 on “safe” by turning the on/off switch to the right.

4. Cock the E99 by pulling the cocking bolt to the rear until it locks in place.

5. Attach the hopper (7/8 vertical elbow) to the port located on top of the Spyder. Screw the hopper in tight.

6. Fill the hopper with .68 caliber paintballs.

7. Select the rate of fire (mode indicator) on the gun. This is indicated by 3 colors. The blue setting is the normal semi-automatic setting, which you’ll have to pull the trigger to fire a single shot. The green setting is used for 3-shot burst, when you pull the trigger, three shots will be fired. The red setting is for fully automatic. Once you depress the trigger, the gun will cycle through and continue firing the paintballs until you release the trigger.

8. Set your preferred rate of fire mode as indicated by the R.O.F. Mode. For firing 3-shot burst and full auto, you can toggle between High, as indicated by a white LED, or Low, as indicated by an orange LED. For semi-automatic, the R.O.F. indicator will be fixed on the high setting for optimal firing.

9. Turn the on/off switch to the left to power on the gun.

10. Depress the trigger and fire at your target when in range. The Spyder E99 has an approximate range of 40 to 50 yards.