Use Airsoft For Marksmanship Training

Practice marksmanship in an Airsoft environment

Airsoft is a recreational sport that recreates military simulations using plastic bullets. The setting is a controlled environment for gaming and training procedures. Airsoft games range from small skirmishes to historical reenactments. The methodology often involves military tactics to accomplish preset objectives. In many ways, it resembles paintball games but offers plastic rounds instead of paint exploding bullets. The Airsoft world works well when practicing marksmanship disciplines.


1. Try shooting with an Airsoft rifle that does not have a scope. First, check the sight alignment. Properly align the rear sight with the front sight. This will ensure that your rifle is pointing where you think it should. Pay close attention to both sight alignment and sight picture, what you see in the site, when practicing your aiming technique.

2. Shoot with a scoped Airsoft rifle. Note the difference in perspective between a scope and a sighted rifle. Read the instructions that accompany the scope to understand zero it properly.

3. Practice utilizing proper breath control. Do not hold your breath when aiming your rifle. Control the rhythm of your breathing thus controlling your heart rate and pulse. This will provide you with a steady posture and accurate shots. Sight your rifle on the intended target and inhale a normal breath. Exhale a half breath and make your final aiming adjustments. Finish exhaling and fire.

4. Do not jerk the trigger. Practice proper trigger control. Jerking your trigger is a form of rushing your shot. Aim at your target, control your breathing and slowly squeeze the trigger.

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5. Practice proper follow through. Proper follow through is an extension of trigger control. Essentially this means pulling the trigger all the way instead of stopping when you hear the shot. While continuing to depress the trigger, realign your sight with your target. This will prepare you for a second shot if necessary.