Use An Air Nail Gun

A framing nailer saves time, as well as wear and tear on the carpenter.

An air nail gun, otherwise known as a pneumatic nailer, drives nails using compressed air with the pull of a trigger. There are many styles of pneumatic nailers: framing nailers, trim nailers, brad nailers, wide-crown staplers and more.


1. Connect the air hose to the compressor and turn on the compressor. Set the output pressure of the compressor to 80 to 100 PSI.

2. Open the nail gun magazine and fill the magazine with a new rack of nails. Close the magazine.

3. Place three drops of oil into the nail gun’s air coupler. Attach the air hose to the nail gun’s coupler.

4. Position the wood to be nailed in place. Press the nose of the nail gun against the wood, pointing the direction of the nose in the direction that the nail should be inserted. Squeeze the trigger to fire a nail into the wood.

5. If the nail is being fired too deeply–with the head of the nail not flush with the face of the board–or not deeply enough, adjust the dial on the nose of the gun and fire another nail.

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