Use An Air Rifle In Sports Shooting

Teach kids sports shooting safety with an air rifle! An air rifle is a great tool when kids are learning the basics of sports shooting. Air rifles don’t kick like a high powered rifle, so kids can handle an air rifle easier. High school 4-H Clubs have air rifle teams. So do the Olympics. Follow these basic steps for kids and adults alike to have a blast with air shooting!


1. Purchase a spring discharge or compressed air discharge gun. Any local sporting goods store that carries guns can help you choose.

2. Buy a supply of paper targets. They can be found in most sporting goods stores and many discount stores. Steel targets are also used in many competitions. You’d be surprised at how forcefully a compressed air discharge gun can knock down a steel man!

3. Mount the air rifle just as you would any rifle, with your head down and face against the stock. Air rifles are a great tool for working with eye-to-hand coordination.

4. Relax and keep your eye on the center of your target. A firm squeeze of the trigger and concentration will bring success.

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