Use An Air Tank On A Paintball Gun

The contents of air tanks propel paintballs.

Paintball guns require an air tank to propel paintballs. These air tanks come in varying sizes and are designed to hold two different types of air. CO2 tanks have been used since paintball was invented. These tanks hold compressed carbon dioxide and are very cheap. Compressed air tanks are a newer and more expensive technology. This tanks hold normal air that has been compressed to extremely high pressures. Although the types of paintball tanks may vary, they are all installed and used in the same manner on paintball guns.


1. Wipe the threads of the air tank and the threads of the air source adapter of the paintball gun with a soft towel. This will remove and dirty and sediment that could damage the threads of the air tank or paintball gun. The air source adapter is located under the grip frame of almost all paintball guns.

2. Place an o-ring onto the air tank. O-rings are soft, flexible pieces of rubber that wrap around the nozzle of an air tank. Each air tank has an indent that runs the circumference of the tank above the threads. The o-ring will prevent air leaks.

3. Screw the air tank into the air source adapter of the paintball gun using a clockwise motion. Screw it in firmly but do not force the tank. Forcing the tank can damage the threading and cause air leaks.

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