Use An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are becoming more popular by the day. They are being used as film props, as an alternative to paintball and they also allow collectors to own models of weapons that are otherwise not available to the public. There are three types of airsoft gun, all of which fire 6mm plastic BBs. There are spring guns that need to be reloaded after each shot, electric guns that fire both semiautomatic and full automatic and gas-powered guns that also fire semiautomatic and full automatic.


Spring guns

1. Engage the safety on your airsoft gun. The location of the safety varies from model to model and from type to type. Refer to the manual included with the airsoft gun to find the safety on your airsoft gun.

2. Eject the magazine. The location of the ejection button/switch/lever varies from gun to gun. Again, refer to your manual for location.

3. Load BBs into the magazine. This action is similar to loading a live firearm magazine. Loading is usually done by placing BBs, one at a time, into the small opening on the top of the magazine.

4. Insert the magazine into the spring-powered airsoft gun.

5. Pull the slide/charging handle to chamber a BB and prepare the gun to fire.

6. Aim at your target and pull the trigger. Pull the slide/charging handle to chamber the next round. This process must be repeated after every shot.

Electric guns

7. Plug the battery charger into an outlet and connect the battery to the charger. Allow the battery to charge for four to six hours.

8. Remove the battery from the charger and plug it into the gun. The location of the connector on the gun varies. In many rifles, the battery is plugged in and stored in the stock of the rifle.

9. Load the magazine using the methods mentioned in section 1.

10. Place your airsoft gun safety lock on safe.

11. Insert the magazine into the airsoft gun and follow the steps listed above in section 1, steps 5-8. The advantage of a battery-powered gun is you can fire a round every time you pull the trigger. Not all electric guns require you to manually chamber a round. It does so automatically when you pull the trigger.

Gas-Powered Airsoft guns

12. Remove the magazine from your airsoft gun.

13. Insert the propellant canister tip into the port on the magazine and press to charge the magazine with gas.

14. Load the magazine with BBs.

15. Place the airsoft gun safety lock on safe.

16. Insert the magazine into the airsoft gun.

17.Chamber a round. It is not always necessary to manually chamber a round because the action of pulling the trigger will chamber a round after the first shot. Of course, if you pull the trigger to chamber a round, do so with the airsoft gun pointed in a safe direction.

18. Take aim at your target. Take the weapon off of safe. On many gas-powered guns, you can select between semiautomatic and fully automatic fire.

19. Pull the trigger.