Use An Aluminum Co2 Tank With A Pin Valve

A paintball gun

Aluminum CO2 tanks with pin valves are the most popular air source used in paintball guns. These tanks used compressed CO2 gas, which is trickled into the paintball gun and propels the paintballs. The pin valve on the top of the tank allows the tank to be removed from the gun without leaking. Using these tanks is simple and they can be attached to nearly every paintball gun on the market. Although this process is simple and easy, always be careful when using CO2 tanks, as they contain compressed gasses.


1. Wipe the air source adapter of the paintball gun and the threads of the CO2 tank with a soft towel. The air source adapter is the piece of the paintball gun that is used to accept the air tank. These are located under the grip frame. Wiping these threads will ensure that there is no dirt, which could damage the threads.

2. Insert an O-ring onto the aluminum CO2 tank. These are placed above the threaded portion of the tank where there is a tiny indentation that runs the circumference of the tank’s nozzle. O-rings prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal between the tank and the gun.

3. Screw the CO2 tank onto the paintball gun using a clockwise motion until it is snug on the gun. Do not force the tank onto the gun because this will strip the threads.

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