Use Apex Barrels On The Proto Matrix Rail

The Proto Matrix Rail is a electropneumatic paintball gun manufactured by DYE Precision. The weapon is a tournament style paintball gun utilizing an unbalanced spool balance design, capable of firing 30 balls per second. The APEX barrel is designed to impart spin on the end of the barrel which makes the ball curve left, right or dive towards a target hiding behind an object. The Proto Matrix Rail barrel is APEX ready, making installation of the APEX barrel fast and simple.


1. Unload the paintball gun’s hopper. Ensure that no ammunition is present in the weapon.

2. Screw on the Apex barrel to the end of the Proto Matrix Rail barrel. Tighten the lock ring and the base of the Apex. Ensure that the curve selector switch is positioned on top of the barrel as a sight would normally be. Note that the Proto Matrix Barrel can be removed completely and replaced with the APEX barrel, but the Proto Matrix Rail barrel is threaded to fit the APEX barrel as well.

3. Turn the selector switch to the desired curve that you need. For example: If an opponent is behind a barrier to your right, set the selector switch to the right curve setting.

4. Load the hopper with paintballs. Power on the paintball gun using the on/off switch. Place the gun’s selector switch to the “fire” position. Fire the weapon when you’re ready.