Use Birchwood Casey Stock Sealer

Use Birchwood Casey stock sealer as part of the process when finishing a stock.

Many gun enthusiasts who collect guns, hunt or shoot often find themselves taking on a gun stock refinishing project. After the wood is initially prepared by sanding, it is necessary to seal the wood with a product such as Birchwood Casey Tru Oil sealer. Sealing the wood is especially valuable when the gun will be exposed to extremes in temperatures or conditions. Sealing the wood also helps bring out the natural beauty of wood before staining.


1. Clean any remaining sanding dust or fibers from a steel wool pad used during the surface preparation process. Wipe the wood stock with a damp cloth or a tack cloth to remove dust and fibers. Allow the stock to dry if a damp cloth was used before proceeding.

2. Open a bottle of Birchwood Casey Tru Oil stock sealer. Pour a small amount of the sealer on a clean rag.

3. Apply a thin coat of sealer to the wood stock. Wipe the sealer onto the stock following the direction of the wood grain.

4. Continue applying the Birchwood sealer to the stock until it is covered with a light coat. Allow the rifle stock to dry before continuing.

5. Apply a second light coat of Birchwood sealer based on personal preference. Allow the second coat to dry thoroughly overnight before applying a stain finish.