Use Co2 With A Bb Gun

CO2 cartridges

BB guns can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment, and if one intends on shooting a large amount for the day- a CO2 powered gun just might be for you! This article will give you some tips on use CO2 cartridges with your BB gun, as well as a few pros and cons as compared to pneumatic airguns.


Choosing a gun and loading CO2 cartridges

1. Use CO2. Using CO2 (carbon dioxide) cartridges allows the user to shoot many BBs consecutively. A CO2 cartridge contains liquefied carbon dioxide, that becomes a gas when exposed to oxygen. The cartridge can often shoot dozens of shots before having to be replaced. This allows for much more shooting in less time, as the user does not have to cock or pump the gun before each shot. Most CO2 guns have large magazines, so the shooter simply pulls the trigger for each shot, with fewer stoppages for reloading or cocking the gun.

2. Load a CO2 cartridge carefully. Most CO2 guns have a space inside the handle where the cartridge is placed. Normally a screw is loosened until one side of the handle comes off, the old cartridge is removed, and a new one is installed. The handle side is replaced, and the screw is tightened until a loud hiss is heard as the cartridge lip or mouth is pierced as it is tightened into position. The gun is now ready to shoot.

3. Shoot in cold weather only when necessary. Cold weather adversely affects CO2 cartridges, you will usually get a lower amount of shots with less power than normal. It is highly recommended that you use CO2 in warmer weather, and use pneumatic or spring guns for the colder months.

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4. Prevent freezing by moving slowly and carefully. It is not a good idea to pull the trigger as fast as you can when shooting with CO2, especially in cooler weather. The reason for this is that the gas escaping from the cartridge is extremely cold, and it can freeze the gasket around the cartridge mouth, as well as further up into the gun. This will cause jams, or the gun simply will not fire until it thaws out. This can put a real damper on your shooting time! So, try not to “machine gun” through your magazine!

5. Empty your gun of CO2. Shoot each cartridge until it is empty, don’t put your gun away with any gas still loaded in the gun. This will erode the seals and the gun will leak gas. Plus it is dangerous! Also, remember that as you shoot, the power of your shots will lessen the more you use up a cartridge. Meaning, the last 10 shots will not have nearly the velocity that the first 10 shots will have.