Use Compressed Nitrogen In Paintball Guns

Though pump-action paintball guns are useful, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and compressed air powered semi-automatic guns are the most popular.

Semi-automatic paintball guns are powered by one of three types of gas: compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Nitrogen has the advantage of reducing the moisture present in the firing system drastically, as pure nitrogen atmosphere contains no water. This will reduce the overall wear and tear on the gun. Compressed nitrogen cartridges are usually loaded into the gun above the pistol grip but below the paintball hopper. Most ranges that use nitrogen will be able to top off nitrogen canisters for players.


1. Check the old canister on the paintball gun. If the canister is not empty, do not remove it.

2. Remove the paintball hopper and check that there are no paintballs in the chamber. Fire the paintball gun to discharge any paintballs still in the chamber and to empty the old gas canister. Remove the gas canister by turning the canister counter-clockwise.

3. Replace the old canister with the new compressed nitrogen canister by turning the canister clockwise. Tighten the canister until it is secure, but be careful not to over tighten, as this may damage the canister threads or the gun threads.

4. Attach the paintball hopper. Fire a few paintballs to test if the compressed air is powering the bolt correctly. Most canisters are good for several hundred shots but will have to be either replaced or replenished frequently.

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