Use Delrin

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a plastic marketed under various trade names, especially Delrin, in the United States. It has other common names such as acetal resin, polyacetal, polytrioxane and polyformaldehyde. Delrin is an engineering plastic that consists of long chains of the monomer OCH2 and is often used as a substitute for metal. Delrin is a low-friction material with high resistance to heat, making it especially useful for ball bearings. This plastic also has a low level of toxicity and is safe for food applications.


1. You can replace metal ball bearings with Delrin. Its low coefficient of friction and high resistance to corrosion make ball bearings the most common application for Delrin. The first use of Delrin was in phonograph turntables.

2. Delrin is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as food containers. Moving toy parts are frequently made from Delrin since it will cause little harm if ingested by a child.

3. The light weight and low friction of this plastic also makes it a popular material for many of the parts in a paintball gun, especially the bolts and pump handles. These applications also benefit from Delrin’s high resistance to liquids.

4. Delrin has a low porosity to gas when it’s under pressure and its light weight also makes it a good choice for gas tanks, regulators and hoses.

5. You can play guitar with Delrin. Delrin is one the most common choices of materials for guitar picks. It doesn’t slip easily and has better wear resistance than nylon.

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