Use Encore Rifle Barrels

Thompson/Center is a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson and produces the Encore firearm line. The Encore system utilizes an interchangeable platform that offers over 90 barrel selections. These barrels offer a unique break hinge design, and each barrel can be configured at the factory to fit a rifle pistol, muzzleloader or shotgun. In order to use the Encore, you must know install the barrel and open it. All Encore barrels are suited to fit specific weapon frames, but are installed in a universal manner.


1. Apply a thin coat of gun oil to all metal parts.

2. Remove the forend (forward grip) from the barrel you’re going to put on the gun frame.

3. Insert the barrel lug down into the frame. Align the barrel lug hole and frame hole. Insert the provided hinge pin.

4. Close the barrel onto the frame, hinging the action shut.

5. Position the forend underneath the barrel. Line up the screw holes and screw in the two supplied forend screws.

6. Place the hammer in the “At Rest” position. Hold the weapon by the pistol grip. Pull up and back on the trigger guard spur. The barrel will unlock and flip downward.

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