Use Fiberglass Chopper Guns

Fiberglass chopper guns make it easy to cover a large surface with fiberglass in just a few seconds. Chopper guns are made up of two rollers and a chopper, which has adjustable blades to vary the size of the fiberglass. The fiberglass is fed through the back of the gun in a long continuous piece and a trigger controls the speed in which the fiberglass is expelled from the gun. Chopper guns help coat items such as boats and surfboards with layers of fiberglass to help keep these items strong and light.


1. Wet the surface of the item where the fiberglass will be applied with a thin layer of epoxy prior to starting the fiberglass chopping gun. This thin layer will help set the fiberglass once it’s in place.

2. Roll back the strand of fiberglass a few inches and feed it into the back of the fiberglass chopper gun. Depress the trigger slightly to allow the gun to grab onto the strand.

3. Test the chop of the fiberglass by pressing the trigger to allow the gun to start expelling chopped fiberglass. Examine the chop of the glass. If the glass chop is too large, additional blades need to be added to the cutting assembly. If the chop is too short, remove blades from the cutting assembly. Test after each adjustment.

4. Apply fiberglass to the wet surface. The fiberglass will come out of the gun quickly. Lightly hold onto the fiberglass being fed into the gun so that it continues to feed smoothly. Move the gun back and forth across the surface to distribute fiberglass as evenly as possible.

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5. Add epoxy over the fiberglass with a roller to have it set permanently.