Use Mods With A Mini Cooper

A Mini Cooper can be personalized in a wide variety of ways.

Mini Coopers are all about personalization. Modifications, or mods as they are more commonly called, are plentiful for the Mini Cooper. A Mod can make your car faster, like a new exhaust pipe or air intake, give it more cargo room, like a roof box or tow hitch, make it more stylish, like some new wheels or tinted windows, or just about anything else you can think of. T


1. Give yourself some direction by thinking about exactly what you want to do with your Mini. Mods can get expensive, so prioritizing is key. Consider whether you want to make the Mini faster in a straight line, faster around the corners, give it more carrying capacity or make the stereo louder. T

2. If you want the car to be faster in a straight line then look for engine modifications such as supercharger, exhaust, intake, ECU and other engine upgrades. Talk to your dealer about the John Cooper Works packages for your Mini. They provide dealer-installed and factory-supported speed for your Mini. Prices as of December 2010 can range from $25 for a new air filter to more than $700 for a new exhaust system, so there is something for any budget.

3. Replace suspension, wheels and tires if you’re looking for better handling and more speed in the corners. Different wheels with wider tires and a better-balanced suspension will help. A popular mod is to replace the stock run-flat tires with more flexible regular tires, although in the Cooper S and Cooper JCW there is no spare tire for emergencies. JCW also offers a suspension upgrade that can be dealer installed and is factory supported. A full suspension set-up can run to several thousand dollars.

4. Create extra carrying capacity by adding a roof rack to your Mini or a Mini Do More hitch with a cargo box. The roof rack runs about $150 to $200, and the attachments are about the same price. The MINIFini system for mounting attachments on the bumper can run over $300 for the base system and $300 or more for the attachments. However, with both methods you gain a lot of extra storage space.

5. Upgrade the interior with speaker boxes, a new stereo and speaker systems. As with our other mods, you can spend an unlimited amount on upgrading the interior and stereo, although some Ipod integration hardware starts at as little as $15. For more extensive interior modifications, plan on spending upward of $300 for various stereo upgrades and speaker systems.