Use Night Vision To Find A Night Vision User

Night vision googles allow you to see in a dark forest at night.

Night vision goggles and other devices are commonly used in military, hunting and other overnight pastimes, allowing the user of the device to see as though the lighting conditions in the area were almost as favorable as that of day. Locating another night vision user is a useful skill in competitive endeavors such as paintball or warfare, giving you the leg up on your competition.


1. Turn on the night vision goggles, binoculars or other devices.

2. Position yourself in an area where you think the other night vision user might pass by, such as at the edge of a clearing along a forest trail.

3. Position yourself in such a way that you will be mostly camouflaged, such as by lying in or under bushes, behind trees or near any other form of natural concealment.

4. Survey your surroundings with the night vision device, looking for the telltale signs of another night vision user, someone with a mask over his eyes or someone constantly holding a telescope or binoculars to his face at night.

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