Use Readyboost On Windows Vista

ReadyBoost is a new feature of Windows Vista that makes it easy to increase your standard system memory with a simple flash drive. This eliminates the need to go out and spend a fortune on dedicated memory, which may not even be compatible with your motherboard, or simply may not be enough to fulfill your computer needs. ReadyBoost gives you the flexibility to choose the type of memory expansion you want depending on the type of removable component you use.


Use ReadyBoost On Windows Vista

1. Start Windows Vista as you normally would. Administrative privileges are not required to use ReadyBoost.

2. Insert the removable memory option you’ve chosen to use for ReadyBoost. This could be a SD card or a USB flash memory drive, for example.

3. Wait for Windows Vista to detect the device.

4. Click the Start menu button once the device has been detected, then click the “Computer” tab.

5. Right-click on the flash memory drive icon in the display. The drive letter will likely be the last listed, and it will be labeled as “Removable Disk X:,” the X being the appropriate drive letter.

6. Click on the “Properties” menu tab.

7. Click the “ReadyBoost” tab along the menu bar.

8. Click the “Use this Device” bubble in the window. This will enable ReadyBoost for the currently selected drive.

9. Adjust the slider to the appropriate level of memory you wish to use on the drive. The maximum allowed by ReadyBoost is 4GB, but you can change the level of system memory usage based on your particular drive.

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10. Click “Apply” to save your changes and enable ReadyBoost.

11. Click “OK” to close the ReadyBoost window.