Use The S10 Respirator

The S10 respirator is an air purifying gas mask.

Avon Protection produces and distributes the S10 respirator that is a standard British Army issue gas mask suitable in nuclear biological and chemical (NBC) environments. It is NATO approved, and has been used by many armed forces across the world since its market launch in 1987. It features a butyl rubber face mask and polycarbonate eye panels that resist misting, scratches and impact. The S10 is additionally available for commercial and home use and sold directly by Avon Protection or through army surplus outlets.


1. Use the sizing tool to determine the correct size of S10 for your face shape. Contact Avon Protection to request the appropriate sizing tool. The S10 comes in four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large. Use the sizing tool and measure from the bridge of your nose to the base of your chin, and match the measurement to the size parameter for your fit. Look in a mirror and check that your eyes are along the center line of the eye panels or slightly above.

2. Conduct a negative pressure fit and a quantitative fit to accurately assess the correct S10 respirator size for use. Contact the manufacturer to provide professional advice on the S10 test requirements to ensure your safety. Adjust the six strap harness to fit so that it comes on and off quickly.

3. Speak while wearing the S10 so that you use its communication features. It comes fitted with a sound horn so you use it to speak directly to people in close proximity. Use the built-in communications function to allow you to hear and speak via the transmitter to people outside of your voice range distance.

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4. Attach the water canteen to the S10 respirator to use the protective inlet straw so that you drink fluids without having to take the mask off. In this way air contaminants do not pass into your breathing atmosphere and you remain protected while rehydrating.

5. Change the eye filters as appropriate to the external light conditions. The S10 uses the clear panel for normal lighting scenarios, and you fit dark filters into the eye pieces to adjust the light filtration to prevent glare and eye fatigue in strong light.

6. Regularly check valves for signs of aging and deterioration to maintain the S10 respirator’s useful lifespan. An optimized S10 respirator lasts for a 20-year functional life as long as you use and store it to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and Avon Protection provides these upon purchase. Replace component parts upon signs of wear directly from the manufacturer.