Use The Weapons In Gears Of War

There are a variety of ways to waste Locusts, some of which come down to preference, some of which come down to situation. In case you were wondering which weapons to use and when, here’s a little guide:



1. Use the pistols as a backup weapon when all other ammunition runs out. Unless you’re extremely careless with your ammo, this shouldn’t happen often, but it might once or twice.

2. Try using a pistol as a main weapon if you’re feeling particularly hardcore. You may not live long, and you’ll definitely want to switch out if a Locust closes into melee range, but it is worth a shot.

3. Use either pistol. There are two of them, a six-shooter and the snub pistol. The snub fires faster and has more ammo, but doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the magnum. The magnum has few bullets, but can take a Locust down a lot faster.

4. Use Pistols for luring Berserkers into things. This way, you can both lure the Berserker and avoid wasting precious rifle ammunition.

5. Bring your pistol to bear when you need to shoot some propane tanks at night. This blows them up, keeps you alive and saves your rifle ammo.

Close-Combat Weapons

6. Use the Shotgun, Chain Grenade and the Chainsaw when enemies close into melee range.

7. Use the Shotgun on enemies closer than 3 meters. This weapon is devastating at close range. It also has a spread fire, so you’ll probably still hit your target even if your aim is a little off. Be aware that it doesn’t work quite so well on Insane difficulty.

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8. Use your grenades as a close-combat weapon in a pinch. This can work if you don’t have time to rev your Chainsaw and are desperate. Ideally, you’d fix the situation before it gets here, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

9. Rev the Chainsaw for a few seconds before you try to use it. Do this by holding B.


10. Use the Lancer rifle as your main weapon. It does decent damage, has lots of ammo, good accuracy and reloads are plentiful. It also has the chainsaw!

11. Use the Hammerburst if you run dry on ammo for the Lancer. You’ll start the game with this, the Locust answer to the Lancer. It is a decent weapon, though it lacks close-combat ability and is not fully automatic. However, most Locusts carry this weapon, so if you need one, just grab one from the nearest corpse. Finding reloads is laughably easy.

12. Keep the Sniper Rifle handy if you can. Ammunition for it is scarce, but it has the best zoom and a crazy killing power! On Casual mode, any hit is a killing blow on anything short of a Boomer, and even then, a headshot is a one-hit kill. It is semi-automatic and only holds 1 bullet at a time, but considering the power and zoom ability, it is well worth keeping around. Shooting from the hip with this bad boy is difficult, but can save you when all else fails.

The Big Guns

13. Grab the Boomshot whenever you find one! This rocket launcher has a limited number of shots and can only be found off dead Boomers, but it packs a whallop! It’s got enough pep to chunk anything but another Boomer in a single shot. The best thing is to grab one if you find it, use it till it’s dry, then dump it. Be careful! Firing the Boomshot too close to something can end your life quickly!

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14. Hold on to the Torque Bow! It may be rare in the beginning, but later on ammo becomes plentiful! The Torque Bow can 1-shot a Boomer, plug emergence holes, and hit in close combat harder than anything save the Chainsaw! Save this weapon and save its ammo for taking down the big bags of hurt.

15. See our article on using the Hammer of Dawn for advice there.