Uses For Safety Goggles

Safety goggles can be used to protect the eyes in many different conditions.

More than 2,000 eye injuries occur per day, according to Federal Occupational Health. The best way to prevent injury to the eye is to wear proper eye protection. Safety goggles, also referred to as safety glasses, can effectively protect eyes in many hazardous conditions. Safety goggles are available in prescription lenses or in fit-over styles to comfortably and conveniently be worn over prescription glasses (See Reference 3). Outside of work environments, safety goggles have many uses that protect eye health in sports activities and hobbies.


Safety goggles are very important for providing the ultimate protection to the eyes of anyone working in the construction industry. Construction staff work in high risk environments and frequently come into contact with fragments that can be dangerous to the eyes, including flying debris, and particles of dust, wood and metal. Safety goggles are able to prevent these fragments from coming into contact with the eyes and reduce the chances of construction workers experiencing eye-related injuries.

Sports, Hobbies and Water Activities

Safety goggles are worn for protection in many general sports and activities where eyes can be exposed to dangerous surroundings. Safety goggles are often used to prevent discomfort and injury to eyes in sports and activities including motorcycle riding, skiing, hunting, cycling and paintball gun games.

Waterproof safety goggles are used frequently by swimmers. When swimming or taking part in water activities in swimming pools that contain large amounts of chlorine, safety goggles can prevent painful eye irritation, which is sometimes referred to as chlorine sting.

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Laboratory Professionals

Laboratory workers frequently deal with hazardous chemicals that are high in alkaline and acidity; these chemicals can be very harmful to the eyes if accidentally spilled or if a chemical experiment becomes more explosive than originally expected, according to Safety Glasses. Because of the high chances of lab workers accidentally coming into contact with harsh chemicals, and the effects these chemicals have on eyes, safety goggles are used by lab workers on a regular basis.


Safety goggles are an important item in safety equipment for workers in the medical industry. Medical professionals are often exposed to bodily fluids, x-ray radiation, and contamination, which can all be dangerous when in direct contact with eyes. Medical workers must also work with lasers when performing different medical duties, like eye surgery, cancer treatment and ulcer removal, according to Laser Engraver and Laser Printer. Although lasers are frequently used in sciences, laser exposure to the eyes can be very dangerous and proper laser safety goggles are worn by medical workers to shield the eyes.