Uses Of Threaded Co2 Cartridges

CO2 cartridges uses appear in several sports, such as paintball, target practice and bicycling.

Threaded CO2 cartridges typically measure in grams. The two most common CO2 cartridges offered provide 12 or 16 grams of compressed CO2. Several companies manufacture these cartridges and typically brand them for a particular use. The most common uses of threaded CO2 cartridges include emergency bicycle pumps, air guns (commonly those firing pellets and BBs) and paintball guns. Many threaded CO2 cartridges branded for specific uses work for other applications as most use similar threads.

Emergency Bicycle Pumps

Many emergency bicycle pumps utilize threaded CO2 cartridges. Bicycle shop Colorado Cyclist offers several threaded CO2 bicycle pumps, according to their online store. Stand alone lightweight mini attachments and larger trigger actuated pumps allow cyclists to carry small CO2 cartridges and pumps rather than larger, often heavier, portable bicycle hand pumps designed for traveling. Some companies offer portable hand pumps with CO2 attachments designed to fill tires most of the way while allowing a cyclist to top off tires to the appropriate pressure with the hand pump. CO2 bleeds from tires faster than normal air; as such, cyclists should only rely on CO2 pumps to get home and not to meet normal air needs.

Air Guns

Several air rifles and pistols utilize threaded CO2 cartridges as propulsion for pellets and BBs. Air rifles and pistols commonly see use as tools for teaching young shooters gun safety and targeting. Crosman Air Guns, official sponsor of Boy Scout shooting events, manufactures several air guns utilizing threaded CO2 cartridges, according to the Crosman website. Air guns span the range from entry-level toy pistols and rifles to full-on remakes of current and classic firearms offering scope and laser sight attachments for professional level shooting experiences. Air guns, popularized in the classic 1983 film “A Christmas Story,” pose little danger in the hands of experienced shooters, but adults should always monitor child air gun usage.

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Paintball Guns

Paintball as sport steadily gained popularity through the past decade, and the sport of paintball consumes many threaded CO2 cartridges. Many paintball guns use refillable CO2 tanks for propulsion, but several gun designs allow for threaded CO2 use as backup or main air reserves, reports Chris DeForge with “Paintball Times.” Users of threaded CO2 cartridges cannot refill the recyclable cartridges. DeForge recommends never attempting refilling, as it can result in severe injury. Paintball threaded CO2 cartridges occasionally measure as large as 45 or even 88 grams, though 12 and 16 gram cartridges usually turn up more frequently. Paintball guns, though designed for firing at human “opponents,” should never fire into faces or at close range due to the potential for injury.