Virtual Combat Training

Virtual combat training provides real life tactical training scenarios.

Virtual combat training is a simulated combat environment designed to train military and law enforcement officers. There are two forms of virtual combat training; one is real life physical training, the other is done via a computer or other technological device. Virtual combat training is often designed for specific scenarios or for teaching specific skills. For example, law enforcement officers may use a virtual combat training environment to teach a raid on a building or hand-to-hand combat.

Live Action Virtual Combat Training

Live-action training is the traditional form of virtual combat training. It involves re-creating a combat scenario for those participating in the program. For example, the Army may set up a small virtual battle between two groups of soldiers in a training circuit. Both sides are armed with paint ball guns or blanks. The two sides run combat scenarios against each other while being supervised by higher ranking commanding officers. This type of training provides a simulated combat environment.

Virtual Combat Training And Technology

As technology advanced, virtual combat training adopted new methods to train soldiers. The cost to train Air Force pilots with real flight time is very expensive, as fighter jets burn large quantities of expensive high octane fuel. The Air Force has developed flight simulators which create a virtual environment designed to look like a cockpit, with projection screens surrounding the pilot to simulate a virtual world. The experience is very much like flying in the jet without the added danger and cost. The pilot uses the simulator to engage in virtual combat training exercises.

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Virtual combat training is used by all branches of the military, as this form of training provides the most realistic, hands-on experience that closely mimics real combat situations. The military uses virtual combat training for both group and individual training. Those being trained may engage in simulated combat environments with their fellow soldiers or they may use manufactured courses and battlefields. Artillery training will often use fake targets for practice.


Police also use virtual combat training to train their officers. Police must be skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and this essential skill is taught at police training centers. Officers first learn the theory from a senior instructor then put those skills into practice in a virtual combat training scenario against other students or the instructor. The police also use training facilities designed to simulate activities that officers will likely encounter during duty, such as a raid on a drug house or a hostage situation.

Private Facilities And At Home Technology

Private facilities are available that offer virtual combat training to the public. These facilities vary in the skills they teach and the equipment they carry, but private virtual combat training centers offer instruction on most of the skills that are taught by both military and law enforcement. Video games are on the market that provide simulated virtual combat scenarios similar to the same software that the military uses.