Walk The Trigger On A Paintball Gun

Walking the trigger will make your gun shoot very quickly.

Walking the trigger on a paintball gun is a technique used to maximize rate of fire. This technique allows a player to shoot more paintballs at opponents. Walking the trigger is a simple motion, but can take some time to master. With a bit of patience, and plenty of time at the paintball field, the technique of walking the trigger can be mastered.


1. Choose a paintball gun that is appropriate for walking. This type of paintball gun should be capable of shooting a high number of paintballs per second. Also, paintball guns with curved triggers tend to be easier to walk than those with straight triggers.

2. Equip the paintball gun with a compressed air tank and an electric hopper. To walk the trigger of a paintball gun, the gun must be able to feed paintballs into the gun quickly. Also, compressed air is a very efficient and stable air source that will not change pressure with the temperature.

3. Hold the gun in a shooting position that is comfortable and place the pointer finger and middle finger of one hand on the trigger of the paintball gun. To walk the gun, simply flip each finger back and alternate them as quickly as possible. The motion of the fingers will resemble a scissoring action.

4. Practice this technique during games and target practice. It will take some time to get used to the motion of walking the trigger. After a bit of practice, the rate of fire of your paintball gun should increase dramatically.

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