War Games For A Kid’S Party

War Games for a Kid’s Party

Whether celebrating a birthday, or just letting off some steam, hosting a party with war-themed games can be a lot of fun. Depending on your budget and the amount of time available for planning, there are a lot of ways that you can incorporate war games into kids parties. Does this Spark an idea?

War Games With Mock Weapons

Dodging projectiles, and lining up the perfect shot to take out your “enemy” can be fun. Playing games with weapons requires instruction and supervision to maintain safety.

One of the classic summer games for American kids is the good old fashioned water balloon fight. Divide into teams and play dodge ball style, or just fill a tub in the center of the yard with water balloons and stand back.

Buy Nerf dart guns from your local discount or toy store, or have your guests bring their own. The foam darts travel faster and further than the old fashioned plastic suction tip darts, and , except at extreme close range, are completely painless. The newer guns come with eye protectors, which will help keep everyone safe.

Boffer swords are another great way to play war. Made from PVC pipe, foam insulation, and duct tape, they can be made for less than $2 a piece. With two or three helpers you can fill your armory with enough weapons for the whole party in a couple of hours. Check out the sword tag Google group in the resources for more information on weapon construction and game play.

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If your budget allows, professional paintball and laser tag rentals can be found in many communities. Rates for play typically include a rented weapon , for both laser tag and paintball, and a minimum amount of ammunition, for paintball. Rates can be by the game, or by the hour. Expect to pay $15 to $20 per player.

Athletic War Games

If you prefer to minimize the violence, athletic games with a military theme are a good choice. Capture the Flag can played by almost any size group and requires no special equipment. You will need a large playing field and a flag for each team. Teams place their flags at each end of the field and attempt to “capture” and bring back the other teams flag without getting caught.

To test your guests’ mettle, set up your own basic training-style obstacle course. Send players over fences or under picnic benches. Use the features of your yard to create obstacles that challenge your “soldiers” to their utmost. The first player to complete the course wins.

Classic Party Games With a Military Twist

For younger kids, more traditional party games my be a better fit. Try “Pinning the medal on the Soldier” in a twist off the classic donkey game. Blindfold the player and send to tape a paper medal on a cardboard cutout of a soldier. Or play “Sergeant Says” with the same rules as “Simon Says”.

Lay eggs randomly across the yard for a “mine field.” Divide the guests into teams and send one member of each team across the field blindfolded at a time. The team who gets the most players across without setting off a “mine” wins.

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