Water Shooting Games

If you’re playing Shoot the Sharks, you best stay underwater.

Water shooting games are enjoyed in parks, pools, playgrounds and over the Internet. Many games have a few common rules: never shoot the innocent, shoot only water, and never shoot near the face or at windows. Water weaponry includes Stream Machines, Liquidators, Launchers and more common items, such as buckets and water balloons.

Arcade Water Games

The feel of the carnival can be enjoyed at home.

Arcade water games bring the thrill of the carnival water games home. Heatwave Water Race Game is an arcade game whereby two players shoot water squirters in a race against time. The game features LED flashing lights. Fire Fighter Water Gun Game uses recycled water and a water cannon to project water onto a target inside of a Fiberglass field. The game features a two-player game mode whereby players compete to put out fires in windows in a burning building from the top to the bottom. Other arcade water games include Water Blast, Twister Water Race, Stinky Feet and Heatwave Water Race game.

Water Games

Water games reminiscent of amusement parks help beat the heat.

Duck race is a game where opponents mark rubber ducks with permanent markers and release them into one end of a pool. Players shoot the ducks with water soakers, pushing them to the opposite end with the water. The owner of the first duck to float to the end of the pool wins a prize. In water tag, chasers squirt their targets with water. Targets must remain in place until other chasers release them.

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Free Online Shooters

The Internet has a variety of virtual water shooting games.

Shooting Water, found at Funny Games Online, is a water squirting game that involves a lone water shooter standing on the deck of a hotel. The player must correctly angle the water squirter toward the sunbather on the beach. If squirted, the sunbather will move to a different position. Web Games 247 offers Silent Water, a flash shooting game. Players shoot through ocean water to destroy Nazi submarines. This game requires the player to properly calculate the speed the submarines are traveling to determine when to drop bombs. Water the Bombs is a car racing and water game in one, offered by Shooting Games 1 Online. Players drive a car over buckets of water, collecting water, hearts and spray power to shoot water from the car to extinguish bombs before they explode. Super Soaker Soaker Tag, offered by Games One Online, allows players to choose a weapon and have a blast.

Pool Games

Children of all ages can play water shooting pool games.

Shoot the sharks is a game where players are divided the into two teams — the sharks and the hunters. The hunters sit in strategic points outside of the swimming pool and the sharks swim as they wish, but they are out if they are squirted. Raft race is a game whereby a team is composed of two players placed back-to-back on an air mattress or raft. Teams soak opposite teams until they fall off their rafts. The winning team is left floating.