Ways To Make Paintball Bunkers

Paint ball bunkers are an important part of the sport, because they provide cover and strategy.

Paintball bunkers can be constructed easily and inexpensively. Backyard paintball fields often require several bunkers with adequate locations to hide and lay in wait. Using inexpensive building materials, field owners can create several large number of bunkers in several styles and setups. By being creative with common items and asking around for materials, effective bunkers can be designed for just a few dollars.


Pallets are a popular resource used to create cheap bunkers. By calling around to the various businesses in the area it may be possible to obtain a large number of the pallets at a low cost. Ensure that the pallets selected are the style that has no gaps between the slats. If gaps are present in the pallets, a paintball can make it through to the individual hiding behind it. By using fence stakes, the pallets are easily secured into different bunker shapes and styles.


Old carpet cuttings make a great object from which to construct paintball bunkers. If you have a good run of carpet left over from a carpeting project or a friend has some old carpet, use it to wrap around simple wooden frames and staple to secure. Wood frames constructed from 2-by-4s create a sturdy base. Once covered by carpet, it provide more than enough protection from oncoming paintballs.


Grass clippings provide a cost-effective bunker that, if done correctly, costs nothing to construct. Grass clippings collected from the yard with the use of a bagger on the lawn mower works or collecting the clippings from surrounding neighbors is another source to consider. Once you have enough clippings to fill up the size of bunker wanted, build a-wire mesh cage around the area you want the bunker. Use wire to fasten the edges of the mesh together. Once the cage is constructed, fill it with the grass clippings.


Old barrels area a common bunker material and provide a great deal of cover. Obtaining barrels at a decent price is possible by calling local factories and warehouses. Beverage bottling companies often have a surplus of barrels in which they stored syrup. Think creatively when setting up the barrels. By stacking the barrels on top of each other, deep bunkers can be created.