Wear A Bandana Under A Paintball Mask

Bandanas help keep sweat out of your eyes while playing paintball.

Paintball masks are necessary to protect the face from damage and paint while playing the sport paintball, though with some helmet makes, the top of the head and neck are uncovered. Bandanas are used under the mask to catch sweat and protect the uncovered areas from feeling the full power of a paintball, or at least protecting your skin from paint stains. It is important to position the bandana under the mask properly as to not interfere with game play. Does this Spark an idea?


Over the Head

1. Open the bandana completely — it will be in the shape of a square. Most standard bandanas measure 22-by-22 inches.

2. Fold up one corner to the center of the bandana. Pull the bandana over your head, with the fold at your forehead and the remained over your scalp and back of your head.

3. Take hold of the two side corners — on either side of your head — and tie them in a half knot at the back of your head. Grab the middle and remaining corner and pull it back over the half knot.

4. Take the ends of the half knot and make a single knot to secure the bandana at the lower back of your head.

5. Place the helmet on, adjusting it so that it fits over part of the bandana resting over the forehead and the very top of the head.

Over the Mouth and Chin or Neck

6. Open the bandana completely.

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7. Pull one corner across to the opposite corner and make a crease at the fold. The bandana is now in the shape of a triangle.

8. Arrange the bandana under the nose, but above the mouth, with the point facing down. Take hold of the two side ends and pull them to the back of the head. Tie a knot so that the bandana is snug.

9. Place the bandana around the neck, instead of over the mouth. Take hold of the two side ends and pull them to the back of the neck. Tie a knot so that the bandana is snug.

10. Place the helmet on, keeping the bandana in place.