Wear A Mask For Painting A Bathroom

Wear proper safety equipment when painting your bathroom.

While painting a bathroom you should make certain the room is adequately ventilated. Many paints contain chemicals that cause irritating or hazardous odors, fumes and vapors. The prep work that leads up to painting, such as sanding and scraping off old paint, also generates a lot of dust and particles that can be harmful if inhaled. To protect yourself, always wear a mask when painting, even when taking on an area as small as a bathroom. Use the mask correctly, or it won’t provide effective protection.


1. Buy the right mask. A disposable dust mask with a metal insert above the nose is an inexpensive and effective way to avoid paint mists and protect yourself from dust and old paint particles. Read the packaging for the manufacturer’s recommended uses and make sure the mask meets your needs. A sanding mask will give you better protection than one labeled for use with latex paint.

2. Use a mask with double straps. These masks are pulled tight against your face at the top as well as the bottom, helping to hold them in place and achieve a better seal.

3. Remove facial hair to achieve a better seal. Facial hair prevents the mask from fitting tight against your face, allowing small particles to find a way in. If you’re only trying to avoid odors from the paint, this in not necessary.

4. Put on the dust mask before putting on glasses or goggles. Glasses and goggles should be worn on top of masks to help make a better seal.

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5. Adjust the metal insert at the nose of the mask. Use your thumb and index finger to mold it to fit your face while you are wearing the mask.

6. Take breaks and cool off. Wearing a face mask is hot and uncomfortable. To avoid becoming overheated, take frequent breaks from the mask. Leave the area where you are painting and remove the mask for five minutes at a time, at least once every hour.