Wear A Paintball Mask

A paintball mask is the most important piece of safety equipment in the game.

Paintball is a game that involves teams or individuals playing out a war-game scenario of some kind using guns that shoot paint. The guns use compressed air or other mechanisms to shoot a hardened ball of paint at the opponent that explodes upon contact, clearly marking whether or not the person was actually hit. Many walk-in paintball facilities exist and in addition to casual players, there are regulars who participate in competitions or leagues. In addition to the guns, safety equipment is vital to the game. The mask is especially important for protecting the delicate eyes and nose.


1. Wear only paintball masks that are made specifically for playing paintball. Don’t try to wear other types of masks or safety glasses and think the protection will suffice. Paintball masks marketed for the sport are tested and will provide protection even from paintballs fired from very high-powered guns.

2. Try as many different masks as you need to until you find one that fits you correctly. The mask should fit snug to your face, but shouldn’t be tight or uncomfortable in any way. It shouldn’t impair your vision and should not rub if you move your head or run around.

3. Optimize your mask with interchangeable parts. Top-quality masks allow you to change parts out or add on additional protection, such as a throat protector. If your mask has that option, you should use a throat protector because paintballs in this area can be very painful.

4. Leave your mask on the entire time you are playing. Do not take it off for any reason until the game has been stopped and everyone has acknowledged the game as over. Otherwise, someone who doesn’t realize the game has been stopped may fire when your face is unprotected.