Weight Loss Camps For Teens

If your teenage son or daughter is being picked on because of their weight and they want to change that, it may be a good idea to send them off to a weight loss camp. At these camps, the other teenagers are facing the same issues, this should allow your child the ability to better relate with them, and perhaps use the new found self-esteem to boost their weight loss.

New Image Camp

New Image Camp, located in Norwood, New Jersey, will help your child forget about any issues they may have had back and school and just have fun. Sessions at the camp can last anywhere from two weeks to almost two months with a wide range of amenities available. While at the camp your child will partake in numerous different sporting activities, such as basketball, tennis, swimming, white water rafting, roller-skating and even paintballing. With all the fun your teenager will be having they will easily forget about the weight they are losing.

Camp Shane

Camp Shane is another weight loss camp but it offers several different young adults programs, where the age grouping is 17 to 25. This will allow your teenager to spend more time with individuals of the same age, battling the same problem. There are three different programs, one for only women, another which is coed, and a third that is for high school seniors only. This third option will only have boys and girls who are around 17 and 18 years old. Located in Ferndale, New York, Camp Shane offers not only sporting and other physical activities, but cooking classes as well, which will teach your teenager prepare delicious meals which are good for them as well.

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Camp Shining Stars

For those located in the south east United States and don’t want to send their children all the way to the north east coast, there is Camp Shining Stars in Wilson, North Carolina. This camp takes place on the campus of Barton College, and attendees will be using the academic and athletic facilities the college provides. While in camp your child will partake in athletic activities as well as being served nutritious food and attend classes on what exactly they will need to change to maintain their weight loss once they return back home at the conclusion of the camp.