What Are Industrial Flakjak Goggles

Arena Industries has two brands of specialty goggles made for industry and the military, under the Flakjak and Mozambik brand names. Both goggles feature technology and innovations created by Arena to assist with the vision and reliability of the goggles, as well as protecting the user when they have the goggles on during hazardous situations. Does this Spark an idea?

Flakjak Goggles Information

Flakjak goggles are manufactured by Arena Industries, located in Trabuco Canyon, Calif. The goggles are one of two brands made by Arena, focusing on the tactical and military markets. The goggles have been used by the armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, but are also popular with users of Airsoft toy guns and paintball hobbyists. Flakjak goggles can be purchased from the Arena Industry website for $80 (as of 2011). The goggles are also available for purchase from military surplus and other sites.

Flakjak Goggle Features

Flakjak goggles are available in four colors: black, green, tan and brown. Users can also purchase a prescription insert for those with special vision needs. Flakjak also features several features specific to Arena Industries, including OptiWide, a lens feature that expands the field of vision; the Buckle Management Retention Fastener, which features easy strap replacement; and VS Foam, a moisture wicking foam around the boundary of the goggle. Flakjak goggles are also rated for high UV protection.

Razorback Technology

Arena Industries also offers Razorback technology, which helps to eliminate fogging in the Flakjak goggle. The Razorback technology stems from vents on the goggle, which increases air flow, while removing moisture from the lens. The Razorback technology keeps air flowing at a balanced rate, while keeping out other environmental debris like dirt and sand. Standard goggles that were tested by Arena for fogging resulted in fogging up to 60 percent of the time.

Differences From Mozambik Brand

The Flakjak and Mozambik are very similar, each available in the same colors and stocked with all of the branded Arena Industries technology. The main difference between the two brands is Flakjak’s ability to integrate with helmet systems, according to online reviews. The Flakjak also has a fuller design to its facepiece, especially above the nose and between the eyes.