What Are The Best Airsoft Co2 Machine Guns

Many Airsoft guns are based on real weapons.

Airsoft is a fun and challenging hobby in which players use replica weapons that shoot plastic pellets. The sport began in Japan, where people wanted realistic weapons but could not own firearms due to strict gun laws. It has since spread to the west and is used in military and police training exercises as well as for recreation. Airsoft guns come in many shapes and sizes, but many players opt for fully automatic guns due to their high rate of fire and relative accuracy. While most automatic Airsoft weapons have an electric motor, some use CO2 gas to fire the pellets.

H&K 416 Elite Airsoft Machine Gun

The H&K 416 is a fully automatic machine gun with a metal receiver, realistic blowback action, and an adjustable metal sight. The gun is made mostly out of metal and weighs in at 7.70 pounds, with an overall length of 34.80 inches. It can hold up to 35 rounds of 6 millimeter, 0.2-0.25 gram ammo, and has a maximum fire velocity of 410 feet per second. The H&K 416 is priced at roughly $400.

HFC SD203 Gas Submachine Gun

The HFC SD203 is a gas-powered Airsoft gun that resembles an Uzi submachine gun. It includes a mock suppressor, orange muzzle for safety identification and a tool to assist in loading Airsoft pellets. The gun fires 0.20 gram Airsoft pellets at roughly 300 feet per second and has a total magazine capacity of 40 shots. The HFC SD203 also boasts and adjustable hop-up system to help give your shots more distance and greater accuracy. The HFC SD203 is priced at just over $100.

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Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 Minigun

If total devastation of your target is your objective, consider the Vulcan minigun. Made entirely out of metal and modeled off the real-life heavy weapon, the fully automatic Vulcan is more 37.5 inches long, weighs more than 30 pounds and fires up to 550 feet per second. It holds 2,000 rounds and uses 0.20 gram ammo. The Vulcan requires both a 12v battery and a CO2 cartridge to fire. Expect to pay at least $2,700 for a Vulcan.