What Are The Dangers Of Cap Guns

Children should only use their cap guns under parental supervision.

Cap guns first gained popularity following World War II and the rise of television and Western films. When fired, the guns emit a loud sound and sometimes smoke. The toy guns “fire” small plastic caps that come in single, roll or disk packs.

Hearing Loss

The gun’s firing sound can severely damage a child’s hearing, because their ear buds are especially sensitive. Therefore, if they do fire a cap gun it should be at least a foot away from their ears. Furthermore, they should only be fired outdoors. The same is true to a lesser extent for adults.

Eye Injury

Children can incur serious eye injuries while firing a cap gun. The same can be true for airsoft and paintball guns. Therefore, always point the gun away from your face when you’re handling it. Also, remember to wear eye protection.

Real vs. Toy Guns

A child who is used to playing with a cap gun could conceivably mistake a real gun for a toy. Furthermore, a police officer could mistake the cap gun in your or your child’s hands for a real gun, as some toys are ultra-realistic.


Carrying caps from a gun in your pocket can cause burns. This includes ring caps, paper roll caps and strip caps. This is because many caps contain traces of pyrotechnic material that can cause burns.

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