What Is A Bolt In An Invert Mini

What Is a Bolt in an Invert Mini?

A bolt in an Invert Mini is an element especially designed and engineered with consistency. The bolt is used to enhance precision and velocity on an Invert Mini, a gun or electronic marker used to shoot out paintballs on the field. If you own an Invert Mini, you may want to consider getting the best type of bolt for ultimate performance. Here are seven types of bolts used for an Invert Mini.

32 Degrees Invert Mini Morphine bolt

This bolt contains little friction inside and eliminates kicks that you may have with the Invert Mini. The bolt contains a foamy tip, and is 70/45 stubby.

Olive Tru-Flo V2 bolt

The Tru-Flo V2 bolt doesn’t slide as smooth as other bolts. The spring doesn’t click, which can affect performance.

Invert Mini Empire Loader B2

The Invert Mini Empire Loader B2 is similar to a stock bolt. You need to install the O-rings that are included with the bolt. This bolt works great when you dry fire. The Empire Loader bolt can cause you to have consistent chopping when adding paintballs. You need to adjust the bolt regularly.

Invert Mini Lightweight Bolt

The Invert Mini Lightweight Bolt is considered to be a factory upgrade. This bolt contains a rubber tip, which allows you to have a better paint precision. The bolt is faster and lighter.

Invert Mini Tru-Flo V3 bolt

The Invert Mini Tru-Flo V3 Bolt has a lighter weight than the stock bolt. The V3 bolt reduces friction, which allows you to have greater consistency. This bolt contains a tapered face. The V3 helps to reduce cycling mass and bolt wear. With the V3, you can have more speed and less noise. You can have less of a kick when using the Tru-Flo V3 bolt.

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Stocktech Invert Mini bolt

The Stocktech Invert Mini Bolt includes a bolt replacement. This bolt contains less friction allowing you to have greater consistency. The spring on the Stocktech bolt doesn’t chew up the bolt. The Stocktech Invert Mini Bolt is lightweight

TechT MRT Invert Mini aluminum bolt

The TechT bolt has the best consistency. This bolt contains the best mass reduction technology. The bolt includes a stock type O-ring. The TechT contains no cuts. The MRT bolt is lightweight. With this bolt, you can have less kick and higher performance.