What Is An Egrip On A Paintball Gun

The purpose of an e-grip is to shoot more paintballs

E-grips are a popular new feature on many paintball guns. These special grips are available on both very low priced paintball guns as well as high priced paintball guns. As with all types of paintball equipment, the quality of e-grips can vary greatly depending on the cost. While these grips may not be necessary in a paintball match, they provide the user with a competitive advantage.

An Electronic Grip

An E-grip, or electronic grip, is a popular feature on many new paintball guns. Paintball players can choose to purchase guns that come equipped with e-grips or can upgrade regular paintball guns. Electronic grips consist of the entire trigger frame assembly and bolt to the body of paintball guns.

Increased Rate of Fire

One of the main reasons to have an e-grip on a paintball gun is increased rate of fire. Electronic grips tend to have very short trigger pulls, resulting in a high rate of fire. They may also feature adjustable triggers which can help a player customize his trigger to his liking.

Different Firing Modes

A feature that is unique to e-grips are different firing modes. Most e-grips have semi-automatic modes, three-ball burst modes and fully automatic modes. Semi-automatic is a mode that allows the paintball gun to shoot one ball with one trigger pull. The three ball burst mode allows the user to fire three balls with one trigger pull and the fully automatic mode allows the user to shoot a constant stream of paintballs with one trigger pull.

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Batteries and Technology

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of e-grips is that they require the use of batteries and are susceptible to water and other forms of damage. When the battery on an e-grip runs out, the paintball guns will cease to fire. Also, if an e-grip equipped paintball gun is dropped in water or is thrown around hard, the electronics may break.


While fields may allow the use of e-grip equipped paintball guns, there are restrictions placed on the modes that may be used. Generally speaking, three ball burst and fully automatic modes are restricted at all paintball fields. Paintball players are required to use the semi-automatic mode so that the competition will be fair.