What Is Psp Mode On A Paintball Gun

PSP mode is only available on some paintball guns.

Some paintball guns come with more modes than others. The PSP setting is a multiple-shot option only available on electric paintball guns. This mode is generally used for highly competitive and professional paintball competitions.


The abbreviation stands for Paintball Sports Promotions. This is a professional paintball event organizer and the largest paintball events company in the country as of 2010. The PSP mode on a paintball gun is the setting used in competition organized by Paintball Sports Promotions.


PSP shoots more balls if you pull the trigger at least once a second.

PSP mode makes your gun shoot at semiautomatic for the first three trigger pulls if pulled within one second intervals. If you have pulled the trigger three times in three seconds the rate of fire increases to three balls every trigger pull as long as you pull the trigger once every second. The more you pull the trigger the faster your gun will shoot.


Paintball Sports Promotions was once part of the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL). In 2002 PSP split from NPPL. The PSP runs team competitions in the NPPL format but as a independent entity where players can use the PSP mode.


The Paintball Sports Promotions website has the exact rules required to enter an event using the PSP mode. These competitions are not to be entered lightly as they are for advanced and serious players.


The PSP mode on your gun is a competitive event setting. Most courses feature recreational play and the PSP mode is not always allowed. Failure to follow field rules can result in bans from one day to life.

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