What Is The 577 Trex Rifle

The .577 T-Rex or Tyrannosaur is a heavy, high-powered rifle manufactured by A-Square based on the “Hannibal” bolt-action rifle platform. It fires a cartridge also known as the .577 Tyrannosaur.

How Big Is The Barrel?

As its name implies, the .577 Tyrannosaur has a bore of .577 inch in diameter, or larger than the standard U.S. military M2 Browning heavy machine gun. The barrel length is specified by the customer on order but typically runs 22 to 26 inches.

What Kind Of Gun Do You Use?

The .577 Tyrannosaur is based on the Hannibal bolt-action rifle manufactured by A-Square. The Hannibal is a heavy-duty, 13-pound rifle specially designed to handle high-recoil cartridges. It has an ergonomic stock with recoil-reducing technology such as mercury inserts and a larger-than-normal recoil pad.

How Much Does The Rifle Cost?

The rifle’s base cost is $4,050. This includes custom-fitting the rifle to the customer. A single round of .577 Tyrannosaur costs more than $15.

Where Would You Use This Rifle?

The .577 T-Rex is designed for big and dangerous game hunting, such as rhinoceros or buffalo. The rifle is meant to deliver a heavy-hitting blow at moderate to close range against an animal that could charge or threaten the hunter.

How Does The .577 T-Rex Compare?

The .577 Tyrannosaur round produces seven times more energy in foot-pounds than the standard 5.56mm NATO round used in combat rifles such as the M16. The bullet weighs 750 grains, which is approximately the weight of 19 U.S. pennies.

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