What Items Are Not Allowed On An Airplane Flight

For the safety of passengers and crew, the Transportation Safety Administration regulates what items passengers can bring on airplanes. There are different regulations for carry-on baggage and checked baggage so be sure you know which items are in which baggage. These regulations are subject to change, so if you would like for the TSA to send you an email when they change, you can subscribe at the link provided in the Resources section.


The TSA prevents any explosives from being transported in checked baggage or carry-on baggage. Some of the items that are prohibited are dynamite, grenades, flares, fuels and fireworks. Also banned are lifelike imitations of explosive devices. The only exceptions to this rule are common lighters. Up to two lighters without fuel can be put in checked baggage. If a lighter has fuel, it can either be put in a TSA-approved case or carried on.


All guns and gun replicas are prohibited in carry-on luggage. However, many firearm parts are allowed in checked baggage according to TSA rules. In your checked baggage, you may have ammunition, unloaded guns, and gun parts. Gun powder and flares are not allowed. If you chose to transport any firearms in your checked baggage, you must declare them. Some individual airlines may have stricter rules than TSA guidelines.

Weapons and Sharp Objects

The TSA limits the weapons and martial arts equipment that can be transported on planes. Swords, box cutters, ice picks and knives are limited to only checked baggage. If you have scissors that are less than 4 inches long you can bring them as part of your carry-on baggage. Martial arts equipment like billy clubs, nunchakus and night sticks are restricted to checked baggage. If you chose to take these items as carry-on baggage, they must be properly stored to prevent anyone who examines them or handles the baggage from suffering injury.

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Tools and Sporting Goods

Tools are generally allowed in carry-on baggage as long as they are less than 7 inches in length. Allowed tools include screw drivers, wrenches and pliers. Other tools like axes, crowbars, hammers and drills as well as tools over 7 inches long can be transported in checked baggage. Sporting equipment, including baseball bats, lacrosse sticks and golf clubs can only be transported in checked baggage.


The TSA has a 3-1-1 rule for transporting liquids. This rule means that each liquid container can be no more than 3 ounces. The bottles must all fit in 1 quart-sized bag and each passenger is allowed only 1 bag for holding liquids. Liquids that are an exception to this rule include baby formula, breast milk and medications. These liquids must be declared and inspected before boarding.