What Kind Of Airsoft Gun Is Good For A Beginner

Spring action guns are usually a good choice for airsoft beginners

Individuals who are new to the Airsoft sport should begin with a spring action gun. These Airsoft guns have to be cocked after every shot, but are reliable and easy to use. In addition to the ease of use, the spring action Airsoft gun is relatively cheap. For most beginners a cheap gun is a great way to decide whether or not you are interested in the sport and willing to invest more money. The spring action guns are usually pistols, and many are modeled after well-known handguns, although there are some rifles. It is best to get familiar and comfortable with these before moving on to the more expensive and complex electric guns.

Desert Eagle .44 Magnum

The Desert Eagle .44 magnum is an inexpensive spring action gun that is capable of shooting at 290 Feet per Second (FPS). The gun holds 28 BB’s. The Desert Eagle .44 magnum is lightweight, accurate and inexpensive. During the year 2010, these guns range in price from about $24 to $30.

Crossman SASR36 Tactical

The Crossman SASR36 Tactical is a spring action rifle with a removable stock and an adjustable fore grip. The Crossman SASR36 has an LED flashlight and a crosshair sight. The gun is capable of shooting at 240 to 260 FPS. You are able to attach scopes or lasers to a rail on the top of the gun and it will hold 20 rounds.

Walther P22

The Walther P22 is a replica of the actual Walther gun. This spring action Airsoft gun shoots 6mm BB’s and holds 20 in each clip. The gun is capable of shooting at 260 FPS. The Walther P22 also has a rail for mounting a laser site. It is a lightweight single action handgun and is very affordable.

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Crossman Stinger P9

The Crossman Stinger P9 is a reliable spring action gun. This single shot handgun has a magazine that holds 12 BB’s. This gun is capable of shooting at 275 FPS. As of 2010, this gun typically sells for between $22 to $28.

Galaxy MP5K-PDW Version

Once you have familiarized yourself with the spring action guns and have gotten used to loading them and firing them, you may want to upgrade to an electric gun that offers more power and versatility. When just starting out with a more high-powered gun, the Galaxy is a good rifle and it is moderately priced for an electric Airsoft gun. It can hold up to 200 rounds, shoots at 340 FPS and is accurate up to 220 feet.