What Makes A Good Paintball Gun

A paintball gun–or paintball marker–is the main piece of equipment in the emerging sport of paintball. They use carbon dioxide or compressed air to propel a paintball through the barrel of the gun at velocities as high as 300 feet per second. There are many different factors that make a marker popular and used by those in tournaments; however, a few factors can make a gun stand out.

Paintball Bore Sizes

One of the most important factors in ensuring a good paintball gun is the match in barrel and paintball bore sizes, or the interior diameter of the barrel. If a paintball is propelled out of the barrel with very little force or great force, then the paintball is either too large or too small for the gun. Choosing a paintball that is propelled with a slight force will improve accuracy and consistency.


A typical paintball barrel can range anywhere between three and 21 inches long; however, some barrels could be as long as 48 inches. Longer barrels are generally quieter than a short barrel, yet most players choose a barrel between 14 and 16 inches long. This allows for greater portability when in an action setting.

Trigger Mode

A paintball gun can come equipped with triggering modes of semi-automatic, fully automatic, pump action and ramping, where the gun can switch from semi-automatic to full automatic. The preference of mode depends on the player’s liking—the automatics has a greater rate of fire and the pump action allows players to learn play with a slower rate of fire. Generally speaking, a semi or full automatic would be the better gun in an action setting as it enables an individual to fire more paintballs in a given amount of time.

High-Flow Regulator

The regulator system affects both the accuracy and firing velocity of the gun. Carbon dioxide regulators stop the gas (in liquid form) from leaking into the gun and expanding, resulting in dangerous levels of firing velocity. Regulators are designed to ensure accuracy at greater rates of fire.

Air System

According to paintballl-review-world.com, a good air system in the gun can make a huge difference in whether the gun performs well or not. A system that has a high air flow and recharge rate will increase the distance the paintball can carry and improve the accuracy.